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Action Thriller Crime Adventure Film Festival Private Room is a film festival & screenplay contest dedicated to action, adventure, crime fiction, and thrillers.

The festival is part of an international project MoviExpa (Los Angeles, CA), distributing independent films Worldwide to the audience, cinemas, channels, and online services.

Once the festival is over, the team will provide a brief distribution plan to the filmmaker if they express interest in it.

This is a platform for filmmakers, writers, film lovers, industry professionals, and media to connect with each other and showcase their talents and opportunities. 


We hold the festival live in popular venues (cinemas, conference halls, parks, etc.) to get closer to the audience. 

Screenplay contest:

We pitch a short screenplay description (logline) on the event page to filmmakers and producers attending the festival. In case of their interest, we contact the screenplay author. 

The author can send an additional written or video description for pitching. 

A jury selects the Best Screenplay winner and other category screenplay winners.

The Screenplay contest winners receive certificates. 


During the event, each film receives the audience feedback and evaluation by 6 criteria: script, directing, acting, camerawork, music, and impressiveness. Filmmakers receive detailed results personally after the event. Based on those results the best film receives the Audience Award.


Why Tbilisi, Georgia? 


Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia, one of the crossroads between Europe and Asia. So that Tbilisi is a very multicultural city. Georgia has an extremely generous visa-free policy that allows more than 95 nationalities to enter the country without a visa and stay for up to one year. That’s why Tbilisi has a large expat community from all over the World, including the United States, UK, Spain, Germany, Canada etc. 


It’s in Tbilisi your film gets a really multinational, expressive, warmest, sincere, and close audience.


A professional jury panel that includes award-winning filmmakers, producers, as well as representatives of distributors, buyers, and online streaming services, also reviews selected works and gives their awards. 


We receive submissions from more than 150 countries so we reach a loyal audience from those countries. That’s why if we have permission from the filmmaker, we broadcast the film on a special channel on our website during the festival days. In this way, we bring the film to an audience from all over the world.


The festival is part of an international project MoviExpa (Los Angeles, CA), distributing independent films Worldwide to the audience, cinemas, channels, and online services.

Once the festival is over, the team will provide a brief distribution plan to the filmmaker if they express interest in it.


Action Thriller Crime Adventure Film Festival Private Room is inviting you to submit your film. 



Full attention to your film and screenplay. Focused audience. We classify all the films & screenplays into genre sections so the viewers could focus their attention and limited time on the films and screenplays they engaged most. 

Audience feedback & evaluation. This is such a huge advantage to filmmakers. Viewers evaluate all the screened films in 6 main categories: story (script), directing, acting, camerawork, impressiveness, and music. So you test your film against an audience of viewers. 

Screenplay pitching. The loglines of the selected scripts are published on the festival website. The screenwriter can record an additional pitching performance to attract producers and directors to his or her script at the event. The festival allows you to easily and affordably engage your script with interested producers and filmmakers during the event. 

Screenings in local venues that are nearest to the audience. Out-of-format Cinema network. We screen films at local venues such as cinemas, screening halls, conference halls, parks, etc to be as close as possible to the audience. We create the cinema network for out-of-format independent films to distribute them regularly with payments to the creators. 


Interaction with the audience. You can introduce your film or screenplay both: personally and online. If you can attend the event we give you the time to communicate with the audience to introduce your creature and to have a Q&A session. Besides, you can interact with the audience via online access or just send the introduction video. So you get the opportunity to popularize yourself, your film, your script your crew, and your cast. 

Awards and Certificates. Audience choice and the Professional Jury panel awards. Authors receive official certificates and laurels, and the winners receive award signs and trophies (the festival winner).

Social media promotion tools. We provide the opportunity to promote your film and screenplay on social media. First, we promote them as parts of the event program on the festival and project social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). Second, our festival rewards the Fan award that’s determined by voting on social media. So you get the great opportunity to accumulate your fans and promote your film information. 

Market and Distribute your film & screenplay. Our film festival collaborates with theatrical distributors, TV and cable channels, and online buyers. Your film and screenplay receives the opportunity to be presented to them at the festival. We can also include your film in our Film Market and your screenplay to the Pitching list and promote it among content buyers & producers.

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Action Thriller Crime Adventure Film Festival Private Room

Films & Screenplays accepted: 


Genre, theme: action, adventure, crime fiction, thrillers. 

Duration: Any

Production completed: 2019 and newer

Language: English or English subtitles for any other languages


Submission Categories:


Best Feature Film
Best Short Film
Best Action Film
Best Adventure Film
Best Thriller
Best Criminal fiction
Best War and Military Film
Best Spy and Espionage Film
Best Martial Arts Film
Best Western
Best Swashbuckler film
Best Survival film
Best Psychological thriller
Best Action thriller
Best Crime thriller
Best Political thriller
Best Mystery thriller
Best Science fiction thriller
Best Detective fiction
Best Criminal drama
Best Criminal comedy
Best Screenplay
Best Director
Best Actor/Actress

​All the selected films and screenplays have the opportunity to be presented to film buyers, channels, and streaming services. 

All the winners receive Award signs, Certificates, and laurels. 

The Festival Winner receives the Trophy

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November 08th-09th, 2024

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Step into a world of danger and intrigue at the Private Room Film Festival, where action, crime, thrillers and adventures take center stage. All the films are demonstrated in their original language with English subtitles.


Last Deadline:
October 21st, 2024


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34, Abashidze Street, Tbilisi, Georgia

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Los Angeles, CA, USA