For venue owners and managers

Our project has been in the independent film market since 2015. 


We have selected and screened more than 3,000 films from more than 150 countries. 


Independent cinema has many fascinating and unique features that we are delivering to our viewers. These films are fresh, unusual stories, interesting actors, and unique production techniques. 


We highlight and screen the best independent films to the largest possible audience. 


These films may have a non-standard timing format, so they are not always accepted by regular cinema networks for distribution. 


That's why we create an unformat cinema network by licensing our festival programs and content to any venue in any corner of the world. 


If your venue has seats, an auditorium with a projector and a screen, we offer you the opportunity to screen our films.


Among our venues: are cinemas, theaters, cafes, co-working spaces, hotels, business centers, parks, etc. 


Terms of Service:

$2 per seat per film/event screening or
25% revenue (without promotional support) or

50% revenue (with our promotional support)


We provide:

1. Content in video format, 

2. Subtitles in the language of the country where the film is shown if needed

3. Printed materials for each film (poster, footage)

4. Information about the film and its creators

5. Promotional support in social media. 


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