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Alexander Amirov

Amirov was born in Uzbekistan in 1978. Went to school in Turkey but finished it in Russia. In 2003 he graduated from the Udmurt State University with a degree in journalism. For about 10 years he worked in newspapers, on radio and television in Udmurtia. In 2004 he graduated from the Internews Independent Film and Television School (workshop of Vladimir Khotinenko and Vladimir Fenchenko). In 2009, he studied acting at the German Sidakov School of Drama. Worked as a script supervisor, actor, editor and director.
As a director of editing, he received the Golden Eagle National Award for the film "House" by Oleg Pogodin and the APKiT Award for the TV series "Trotsky".
As a director, he made the film “Teli and Toli”, which received the Grand Prix of the international festival “Voices” and the “Golden Boat” of the festival “Window to Europe”.
In 2022, he made the film "Kasha" (in the Russian box office "Reshala: Brat").

Alexander Amirov
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