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Ander Pardo

Mar 11, 1984

Ander Pardo holds a degree in Fine Arts specialized in Cinema, and holds the title of Director by the Spanish Radio Television Institute. Since childhood he has been very interested about movies, filming his toys as if he was in a set. Now he goes on in a more professional way: his last short film is OVERRUN made entirely with toys imitating the big budget films from Hollywood ina Spielberg style. That opened the gates of Plano a Plano, a big spanish production company where he made his first 10 chapter series for Instagram Pasionaria millenial with more than 2 million views. He ie s now preparing scripts and a documentary with all the secrets of the making of Overrun revelead. Also, he is making music videos for the drifting riders hard rock band from the Basque Country.

Ander Pardo
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