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Dave Lojek

Oct 5, 1975

Dave Lojek loves filmmaking and belongs to the most prolific and most often selected directors with over 1808 screenings of his distributions at international film festivals worldwide. His favorite genres are comedy, parody, fantasy, romance, poetry, art and experiment. Dave also directs documentaries, dramas, portraits, sci-fi, and music videos. His works and distributions won 227 film awards. Dave Lojek graduated with an MA in English / American and Cultural Studies from Humboldt-University in his hometown Berlin. In terms of content and style, Dave's poetic films are about magic, love, death, friendship, loneliness, artists, oddities, escapism, mythology and the everyday. Based on the Homo-Ludens-principle, Dave clearly focuses his often-cheerful work on the universal and timeless. His motivation for filmmaking is intrinsic. As independent producer, Dave created 178 movies in 26 cities in 12 European countries by 2023. Mr. Lojek hosts monthly open cinema screenings in Germany’s oldest cinema Moviemento and annual film workshops called KinoKabarets with his initiative KinoBerlino. Dave works as film distributor and president of a Film Association. The productions of APEIRON FILMS and KinoBerlino have been broadcast weekly since 2008 (ca. 12.000 times) on German TV and viewed online over 2 million times. Filmography: 2022: CALXOPHOBIA 2021: FUCHS & PINGUIN 2020: OCCURRENCES OF QUESTIONABLE SIGNIFICANCE 2018: I CAME FROM THE FUTURE • SNITCH • THE LAST SUPPER • KEEPER 2017: ARACHNE 2016: SAMA SŁODYCZ • DAS SPRICHWÖRTLICHE GLÜCK • REFUGEE POETRY 2015: FRUWAJĄCA FORTUNA • KINSKISCHRAUBE 2014: THE PRINCESS STRIKES BACK • FILM KITCHEN 2013: HEK TICK TACK • PSYCHIC SUE • PARADISE BEACH • FOCUS POCUS 2012: TWO TOO ODD • MADEMOISELLE NIMSI • SICK CITY 2011: TRUST • BELIEVE • METEORITES 2010: DER MIETER • PERSPECTIVE • MARIES STIMME • FLUSSAUFWÄRTS 2009: KIT & SUKA • MUSE • SERENDIPITY • INDECISION 2008: ROFL • ANGELS • PHOBIEN 2007: PROJEKTION • EVERMORE • FUTILITY • PELT PEOPLE 2006: PARLANDO 2005: DYSFUNCTION 1998-2000: SELBST UND FREMDBILDER IN DER WERBUNG Teil 1-3

Dave Lojek
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