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Demetrios Aka Dimitrios Katis


Award Winning Composer of Epic Orchestral/Symphonic Scores & Founder / composer / guitarist / lyricist at EXORISTOI (best selling Southern European Epic Metal Band, EMI Platinum). Professional Journalist, member of the Athens union (ESHEA) and member of the IFJ (international federation of journalists in Brussels).


* BILLBOARD world song contest Award 2011, Best Electronica, Excellence in Songwriting


*HOLLYWOOD MUSIC AWARDS Winner - Best Classical / Orchestral 2008

*LOS ANGELES MUSIC AWARDS – Hollywood F.A.M.E Awards Winner – International Best Conposer 2008,
He was presented with a framed HOLLYWOOD STAR from 'walk of fame'.

* BILLBOARD World Song Contest music Awards WINNER - Soundtrack / Electronica 2008

* 'EMI Platinum Disc Winning Composer'.

* Mayor of Athens Mr. N.Kaklamanis presents to Demetrios the Award of Honor of the City Hall.

* US AMBASSADOR to Greece Mr.' Daniel V. Speckhard' presents the "Special Music" AWARD to composer DEMETRIOS KATIS at the "Euro American Women's Council" Artemis Award Ceremony, July the 7th, 2010 hosted by the renowed American journalist RITA COSBY. The ceremony took pla...ce at renowed 'Zappeion Megaron" - Athens Greece.

*tMayor of Portland Maine, ED SUSLOVIC honored Demetrios presenting him with the Golden Key to the Town.

*'Award of Hellenism' by The Order of AHEPA, 2008 for Outstanding Work performance on the “THE BACCHAE” by Euripides (ancient Greek tragedy), at the Community Performing Arts Theater Media, Pennsylvania,USA.

• ‘West Coast Songwriters’ Honorable Mention

• “John Lennon’’ music awards – Honorable Mention

• “100% Songwriting contest – Winner France 2008

* 'Just Plain Folks Music Awards' official Nomination 2006

* His 1st album released via POLYGRAM at the age of 17.

* Greece’s biggest selling hard rock / metal band of all time “EXORISTOI” was founded by Demetrios Katis in 1989 –Gold & Platinum record EMI

* Kiev Philharmonic Orchestra performed & recorded Demetrios's masterpieace "Arrogance and Fear"
*Sidney Olympic Games’s American maestro Robert Ian Winstin conducted & recorded Demetrios’s music work “Arrogance and Fear” which released via ERM Media.

* The board of directors of the ‘Greek educational institute’ unanimously approved Demetris' "Blazing March" to be included as part of the high school curriculum in music

* 'LIONS Best Young composer Music Award' Winner

* Demetrios hosts the TV Shows 'MetalMania' & 'Star Club' for the Greek National TV in the 90s
Demetrios produces & presents his own radio programme : "The Dance of the Danans" on "Athens 9.84 FM"
* ARTEMIS AWARDS HONOREE 2009 by the Euro-American Women's Council.

* Demetrios musical work, "Europe Hymn and Duty", featuring the lyrics of Kostas K. Katis (veteran journalist IF J), James Edwards (British Royal Opera) on tenor vocals and Joe Lamachia (CNN,MIRAMAX) as a narrator. "Europe Hymn and Duty" is an epic musical tribute to the historic course of the United Europe, released on CD.

* Numerous US, EU & Canadian film music publishers (Boosey & Hawkes, Dennis Music, Kool Music, Octobertunes, Abaco Library, Feature Sounds, Manifest Media, Sonichouse Publishing, ERM Media, Atlanta Music Group, etc) sign contracts with Demetrios Katis.

* The VICE PRESIDENT of the European Union Commission Mr GUNTER FERHEUGEN writes & sends a personal letter to Demetrios to warmly congratulate him for his Musical Project 'Europe Hymn & Duty', July 2005

* The CULTURAL FOUNDATION of the OFFICIAL UNION of JOURNALISTS in Athens honors & awards Demetrios for his music work at the Union’s Hall on 3rd of June 2008.


*member of the 'International Federation of Journalists' Brussels & member of the 'Journalists Union of Athens'


"Demetrios Katis is one of Europe’s best new classical music masters (Robert Ian Winstin, Conductor of the Kiev Philharmonic Orchestra). A true child prodigy, Demetrios recorded his first album on PolyGram Records at the age of 17. The world was introduced to breathtaking instrumental interpretations of traditional Greek/European harmonies with an outstanding Rock translation into the classical music genre. The shear level of orchestration combined with rhythmically compiled Rock tempos defined a uniquely original epic style for the Generation X audience. At that age, to have experienced one of the first to successfully bridge the Classical-vs.-Rock musical genres, The Greek Lions awarded Demetrios Greece’s Best Young Composer of 1987.

Born in Athens Greece, Demetrios originates from St. George village (ancient Coronia), which lies between the Helicon Mountain (home of the ancient Muses) and Mount Parnassus (home of the Sun God Apollo and his sacred temple of Delphi). Uncannily, his music captures the mythical, exudes grand visions of heroism, and touches our basic human emotions, via the epic film score medium. Still in his 30s, Demetrios’ career has spanned more than 20 years, with over 12 recorded albums, international music awards and numerous honors. Greece’s educational ministry has commissioned his work as required study at the national high school curriculum level. The height of such an illustrious career has culminated into a masterful theater production of Katis’ collection of Epic Scores entitled 300 Spartans: The Symphonic Rock Opera.

300 Spartans: The Symphonic Rock Opera features Katis performing 75 minutes of his most acclaimed, award winning scores. The musical presentation is steeped in traditional Greek and European choral hymns and melodies then adorned with enchanting choreography, beautiful costumes and sets. 300 Spartans is forceful epic music, combining medieval sounds and strong heavy metal rhythms in symphonic orchestral arrangements. Demetrios relentlessly demonstrates his love for the cinematic film score sound. The use of musical progressions captures the tension, and as it builds, Demetrios transports you to another place, another century, and at the same time you remain aware of the prevalent parallel in our own times.

While 300 Spartans is directed at the dawning of a new era in ancient times it could quite easily be adapted to any country, any struggle, any rebirth in the modern world. The love and passion of an epic saga, past and contemporary barbarian tribes and delusions of grandeur preface Katis’ latest theatrical masterpiece. Castles and temples, ancient warriors, kings & queens, enchanted lost worlds and bygone loves, 300 Spartans: The Symphonic Rock Opera is a time travel to ancient glories, heroic battles and enduring romances through a Generation X music portal".

Steve Williams (former manager of Miles Davis)
American Showcase Programs, Inc.

Demetrios Aka Dimitrios Katis
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