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Domingo Damian Ojeda

Born in 1962 in Tenerife. He studied Superior Technician in Metallic Structures. She traveled to London in 1995, where she came into contact with various groups of the audiovisual culture of the city. He works as an editor at Crónica Latina London.
He has participated in film courses and workshops, such as: Cinematographic Marketing Workshop. CLAC. Film and television production. Dramaturgical elements for structuring film and television scripts. From the script to the excellent script. Development. The digital edition. The editing program. Introduction to After Effects. Color correction and digital color grading.
In 2014, he created the production company ArenafilmsPantana. Audiovisual content producer. Canary Islands Audiovisual Companies Registry: Section 1. Nº144.

Domingo Damian Ojeda
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