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Esther Yanez Rodriguez

Executive Production and Production Management. Esther Yanez.
1998 to 2001 Production of the Documentary “Picadillo a la Habanera” Award for the best Documentary at the Ibero-American Festival “Nuestra Imagen”
Production Management and direction of the documentary series “Paisaje en el camino” Castilla y León Production Award at the Medina del Campo Festival.
Production Management and Direction of "I'm Lucia and I'm 5 years old" First prize for best Documentary at the Medina del Campo Festival.
2002 TO 2008 Production of Documentaries for the Thematic television channel CTT and IRIS TV. Executive Production of the short film “When Idols Fall”. Production Manager of the fiction short film “La Parabólica” Inma Serrano's Videoclis “Ternura” tele 5 y 40 latino.
2009-2011 Production Management of the animation “El circo
Submarine”, Collaboration in the Production of the feature film “Lesson of Life”, Production of the Documentary “Songs from Ghana with more than
20,000 copies sold. Co-production of the short film “mie2” by Ivan Ruiz. (many prizes) Production of “El Aire” First prize at the Alicante Festival “Get on the Carro” prize for the best social use of the audiovisual medium.
2004 -2021 Executive Production and manager at the production company MASTV Producing independent social documentary works.
Executive production and direction of the documentary feature film: “Dreamers, the movie” in distribution process

Esther Yanez Rodriguez
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