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Fernando Garcia Pliego

Jul 14, 1972

Born in 1972, he works as programmer, but combines his job with a regulate career as amateur cineast since 2011. Graduated in Image and Sound at the Complutense University of Madrid in 1995, he has been camara operator in several Javier López Velasco shorts (Vivir soñando, Ansiedad Express). Lack of Affection (Desamor) is his eleventh shortfilm. Between his previous works, more important ones could be Do you hear me? (¿Me oyes?, 2011), Family Portrait (Foto de familia, 2013), How do you like it? (¿Cómo te gusta?, 2015) and, especially, The Ball (La pelota, 2017), best Iberiamerican Short in Iberofest 2018 and Best International ShortFilm in XI Edizione Corto e Cultura Film Festival in Manfredonia, between other awards and more than 60 international selections.

Fernando Garcia Pliego
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