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Gary Fierro

Gary Fierro is a filmmaker from Rocky Hill, CT where he lives with his girlfriend Michelle and dog Remy. Always having a creative imagination, Gary found the best way to bring his ideas to life was through film. As a child of the 90's, he grew up watching classic films like E.T., Back to the Future, Jaws, The Goonies, Indiana Jones and many more. His love for these films inspired him to one day make films much like the ones of his childhood.

After graduating from Central Connecticut State University in 2011, he set out to direct two micro-budget comedy feature films. From these, his knack for camera techniques and framing helped shape his ideas on-set and his background as a video editor helped him take creative control of projects in post-production.

Breaking from the early comedic films, he wanted to move his focus onto drama and fantasy films. Moving away from his one-man band style of filmmaking for his most recent short film, 'The Firefly Jar', proved to be a big change for him. Allowing creative control to others opened his eyes to newer experiences and creative pathways outside of his own. Proving that it definitely does take a team that wants to bring your idea to life just as much as you do, and having a crew of people who are wholeheartedly dedicated to the project is amazing.

Gary is very excited to showcase 'The Firefly Jar' at film festivals this year and be a part of the indie filmmaking pathway.

Gary's next step after this film is unknown at the moment. He hopes to write and direct another drama or fantasy film and has always had an adventurous family-friendly treasure hunting film, a dramatic crime-drama and even a mind-bending time-travel story in mind.

Gary Fierro
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