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Giulia Olivieri

Giulia Olivieri is an author, filmmaker, video artist and editor who lives and works between Italy and France.
Graduated in Set Design from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts and in Cinematographic Direction at the Civica di Cinema Luchino Visconti, in 2015 she made her first medium-length film, "Morandi 7.1", purchased by Ballandi Multimedia and broadcasted in Italy from the Discovery Group.
In the same year she won the Cinacittà First Prize for CittàExpo with the documentary short film “Yurong”, screened at the Mudec in Milan, Museum of Cultures.
In 2016 she was in Competition at the Milan Film Festival with her diploma docufiction in Virtual Reality "Tomorrow, June 2, 1946", which included an artistic installation created within Base Milano.
In the same year her video art works, "Relations" and "Domestic Process", the latter created within the workshop by InVideo Film Festival and Milano Film Festival, are exhibited at PAC Contemporary Art Pavillon in Milan and at the Ex Borsa Valori in Turin.
In 2016 Giulia moved to Paris where, to explore the mechanisms of the documentary world, began collaborating with the production company La Bete, a company that promotes art films and creative documentaries, including "The Challenge" - Yuri Ancarani , “Spira Mirabilis” - D'Anolfi and Parenti, “In praise of Nothing” - Boris Mitic, “The road to the mountains” - Micol Roubini, etc.
Right within La Bete Giulia begins to develop her first documentary film, "Ctrl + Z", as well as her second project in VR, "Psychopompos", which in 2018 is selected to participate in the Biennale College of Venice Mostra del Cinema.
In 2019, after winning the artist residency of the Marche Region and the Marche Region Confucius Award, she created "Mal di Terra", a hybrid show between performance and Opera, which made its debut at the Lauro Rossi Theater in Macerata on the occasion of the Macerata Opera Festival.
From that year in particular Giulia began to specialize as an independent filmmaker and editor in various fields, for some Italian and French agencies and collaborating with authors.
In 2021 she finished her first creative documentary as editor, “Shambala”, by Andrea De Fusco, which won the Best Editing Award at Documentaria Festival in 2022.
Her film “Ctrl + Z”, had been selected in Official Competition Prospettive at Filmmaker Festival in Milan.
She is now writing her two new projects, a hybrid short film between fiction and animation, and a creative documentary.

Giulia Olivieri
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