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Hardi Volmer

Nov 8, 2021

Hardi Volmer Born in 1957 in Pärnu Studies Graduated from The Tallinn Art University as a designer of stage and theatre. Since 1984 he has directed and designed multitude of animated and puppet films and has made stage solutions for more that 50 Estonian theatre performances. Main works as a film director 1984 “Wonderful New Year`s Night” puppet film (with Riho Unt) 1985 “Enchanted Island” puppet film (with Riho Unt) 1986 “Fly in Spring” puppet film (with Riho Unt) 1987 “The War” puppet film 1988 “Deeds and Doings” puppet film 1989 “Animated Selfportraits” animated film/international project 1990 “Jackpot” puppet pixilation (with Riho Unt) 1990 “Everyone Gets His Own” short feature film 1992 „Incipit Vita Nova” puppet film 1994 “The Last Romance” puppet film (with Riho Unt) 1994 “The Firewater” feature film 1996 “Somebody Else” puppet film (with Mait Laas) 1997 “All my Lenins” feature film 1998 “Primavera” puppet film (with Riho Unt) 2003 „Barbarians“ puppet film 2007 „Closing session“ puppetfilm 2011 „Domestic Fitless“ mixed 2013 „Living Images“ feature film 2016 „Urbanimatio“ experimental ( with Urmas Jõemees) 2022/ „Buried in Europe” experimental ( with Urmas Jõemees)

Hardi Volmer
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