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Horacio Vergara Arancibia

Dec 24, 1976

Founder of LOT PLUS, audiovisual production and publishing company, since 2019, in Chiclayo, Peru Creator, producer, director and screenwriter of the series ?Chiclayo de mis amores? Creator, producer and director of the docuseries ?Emergency Call? Director, screenwriter and producer of the film ?Seamos Perú? Founder and CEO of LOT Internacional, a conformity evaluation body, founded in 2011 in Santiago de Chile, with presence in Peru since 2014. Academic training: Master in innovation and entrepreneurship from the Federico Santa María University of Chile International MBA at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia ? Spain Civil Mining Engineer at La República University Writer of the book ?Emergency Call?, published in 2022 Writer of the book: ?You find what you are looking for, an entrepreneur's journey?

Horacio Vergara Arancibia
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