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Indy Gott

Indy was born in Kenosha, Wisconsin. He came to Los Angeles via North Carolina where he was based as an 82nd Paratrooper with the he US Army (2009-2014). In May of 2014, he left the army to pursue his dream in the entertainment industry as a Filmmaker.

In 2018, he started his production company, "PointCloud" and graduated from Gnomon with a certificate in visual effects as a 3D Generalist. From there, he studied directing and writing at UCLAext.

As a Filmmaker, he made his break into the industry as a VFX Data Wrangler in shows including The Morning Show (season 1, 2019), Big Little Lies(2019), Roar, and Hacks (season 2, 2022). He also worked on films such as Spirited (2022), Dust (2023) and He continues to build relationships in the industry while continuing his path in directing and writing.

He creates stories that explore escapism and reflection - focusing on identity as well as themes of reality vs. fantasy.

Indy Gott
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