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Jacobo Echeverria-Torres Sauquillo

Feb 9, 1980

Jacobo Echeverría (Madrid, 1980), graduated in Law from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and holds a diploma in Film Direction from the School of Cinematography of the Community of Madrid and in Television Production and Film Direction from the TAI School, is a practising lawyer at the De Lista Abogados Law Firm and a partner in the production company MJ Producciones Audiovisuales with which he has co-produced the feature films: A Beautiful Sunset (2002); Lion and Olvido (2004); The Dreyer Cycle” (2006); The Wooden God (2010); collaborating in the executive production of the feature film Olvido y León (2021) and the short film entitled El uso industrial de los cadáveres (2012), co-writing and directing another entitled A cara o cruz (2008), as well as the documentaries: MPDL: 25 years for peace (2008); Homenaje a Dña. Eulalia y al pueblo de Torrejón De Velasco (2009); Jenin and Gilboa: A New Hope for Peace (2011); Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon: The Other Face of Palestine (2012) and an Advertising spot on people with disabilities for Lebanese national television that same year, as well as the documentary feature film Forgotten Women (2022) and in whose commercial development and cinematographic exploitation he is immersed today.

Jacobo Echeverria-Torres Sauquillo
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