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Jade Yurich

Hello, I'm Jade Leo Yurich and I'm a multi-hyphenate in all senses of the word: Director, Producer, Editor, Writer, Cinematographer, Comedian - and not necessarily in that order!
I've written the first season of a sketch comedy web-series titled 'Portals' - where with my Co-Writer & Director Nicholas Janzen and I have released three individual shorts for it thus far: "Saturday In the Park", "Post-Haste" & "Mae-faire". I've produced a short action film titled "Figures" which is currently in its festival run - starring and co-Directed by Jamie Hegland and am in development of a short documentary to explore the music scene in Northern Ontario. I actively work as an Associate Producer on the Crave Comedy-Documentary series "I Have Nothing" starring Carolyn Taylor of Baroness Von Sketch. I've worked as a 1st Assistant Production Coordinator on "Tallboyz" and also in a development role at Buck Productions where I edited, designed & executed pitch materials with Laura Streicher the Showrunner of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" & Angel Lopez the Showrunner of "Shadowhunters". As an emerging filmmaker with a versatile skill set I enjoy the creative challenge of matching all the tools I have to fit the needs of the production.

Jade Yurich
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