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Kasim Abid

Kasim Abid is an award-winning Iraqi documentary filmmaker, director, producer and is the cameraman of all his films. He graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts- Baghdad and holds an MA from VGIK All-Union State Institute of Cinematography-Moscow. He came to London in 1982 where he continues to live and work as a filmmaker, his non-fiction documentary titles include (‘Mirrors of Diaspora’ 2018-‘Whispers of the Cites’ 2013- ‘Life After the Fall’ 2008-‘Naji Al Ali: An Artist with Vision’ 2000), screened in many international film festivals and TV channels.
Co-Founder of ‘Independent Film and TV College’ a non-governmental free-of-charge film-training center in Baghdad 2OO4. Films produced by the college’s students won 26 prizes at Arab and international festivals. Also, Kasim taught film directing and cinematography in Britain, Jordan, Sudan, and Palestine (Jerusalem, Gaza, and Birzeit University).
Kasim was a jury member at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival 2010, and Ismailia International Film Festival 2013, Malmo Arab Film Festival 2022 Head of a jury at the Sudan Independent Film Festival (SIFF) 2019.
He was also, the Director/Organizer of two festivals in Iraq:
Documentary Film Festival 2011and Baghdad Eye-Human Rights Film Festival 2012

Kasim Abid
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