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Lisa Magnan

Lisa Magnan is a French dancer, choreographer and director. She studied contemporary dance at the National Conservatory of Angers, Paris and at the C.N.S.M.D. of Lyon - France. She obtained a B.A. Performing Arts, University Lyon II and the state diploma dance teacher in 2021.
She is dancing for different projects and companies in France and internationaly.

As a choreographer, she has made several dance pieces as |Voilà ce que je propose, qu’est-ce que vous en pensez?| and |Danse avec Baxter| both with Lauriane Douchin, and the trio |Replay| together with Quentin Dubois et Jéremy Daillet (played more than 150 show in 3 years). She has created |Le Constat| in Vienna with Valentin Alfery – Hungry Sharks Company, and recently a duet with Lionel Ah-sou. Since 2018, Lisa is creating and directing dance films.
She is also working as choreographer for different theater and musical ensemble.

Her approach is at the crossroads of the arts, since Lisa starts from dance and creates shows where theatre, voice and music meet. She puts the human being at the heart of her research and focuses her work around our perception of reality, including a part of imagination and truths specific to each one. What interests her is our beliefs and their limits which make sometimes difficult the exchange between people.
Graphic, repetitive and authentic determine Lisa Magnan's choreographic style where her wish is to create poetic artistic bubbles so that everyone in their state is touched, intrigued, amused, questioned...

Lisa Magnan
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