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Lloyd Lee Choi

Dec 26, 1986

Lloyd is a Korean-Canadian New York based director who found a magical escape with cinema early on. Growing up, he was a regular fixture at the local theater, and eventually, began to secretly create films of his own; directing, acting, shooting, and editing to spare embarrassment throughout his humble beginnings as a filmmaker. As he honed his craft, he discovered storytelling through creative collaboration as the soul of filmmaking and found directing to be his passion. With a number of awards including a Silver Cannes Lion for his Cornetto campaign, “40 Love” featuring Lily Allen, Lloyd has gone on to create global campaigns for Google, Chevrolet, Sony, Peloton; just to name a few. Lloyd also released his first original scripted 30-minute short film, “Before Mars”, for National Geographic which is streaming on Hulu, iTunes, and Amazon.

Lloyd Lee Choi
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