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Matthieu Haag

Aug 4, 1974

Director for more than twenty years, Matthieu Haag has a bulimic desire for cinema. It develops its ambitious projects over the long term, at the rhythm of the different financing organisms. At the same time, he directed guerrilla films with a group of close collaborators in the film industry, which enabled him to make a large number of films, financed or not. He released his first feature film in theatres in 2019, The Orphanage, a critically acclaimed film, selected (notably for Vision du réel in Nyon, Switzerland) and awarded in several international festivals. His previous film, Inheritance, shot in a few days in Beirut in 2021, has been selected at more than 60 international festivals and has received 58 awards to date. 2023: Six feet under, fiction (17 minutes). 2022: Inheritance, fiction (18 minutes). 2020: Thumbs East, radio documentary series (5*14 minutes). 2019: Starlight, CM fiction (7'30). 2017: The Orphanage, documentary (70 minutes). 2014: A scent of Lebanon, fiction (13 minutes). 2012: An inventory, fiction (9 minutes). 2007: Isolation, documentary (19 minutes).

Matthieu Haag
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