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Philippe Guerin

Oct 20, 1966

After different cinematographic experiences since my teens, I have recentely created 2 amateur movies with a very light team (2/3 people), a documentary film (splitting the days) about a poet, and a movie made in Cuba (la mujer in-field) about the parallel between the decline of a couple and the one of a politi-cal regim. Fati cursum, here submitted, is my first film with a complete team, composed equally of professionals and amateurs. I write all my movies and the music inside. In my teens I began to practice cinema with the creation of video-clips. After the end of my studies in economics I directed a student film with amateurs. All my life I created and directed different amateur movies. I have been self-trained at the contact of professionnals, friends of mine, that are directors or producers, and I decided to create a production society (Les productions du mont pelat) in 2017. We reached the selection of the Berlinale 2023 with “After”, where I was co-producer.

Philippe Guerin
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