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38년생 김한옥


Korea, Republic of


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Seunghoon-eun is deeply fighting for the philosophy that his mother, Kim Han-ok, suffered from hypoglycemia. The director directed the film for 10 years. He was also in charge of the older brother, and he must have been old this year. As I became close with him, my parents' life was peaceful.
One day, Ok said a wish to Seung-hoon. The money is said to be around ten thousand won. In addition, it is said that he wants to give them to his three daughters-in-law who have suffered a lot by melting them and making them into gold rings. Deuk-hoon's warm love reached the blemish of Hoon-hoon.
The first destination of the hanok is the house of the first daughter, Ae-ran, who lives in Busan. Ae-ran hated herself and married her mother, who lived only through sacrifice, and unfortunately, the marriage did not go smoothly. However, Ae-ran decides not to divorce because it is her decision, and she suddenly realizes after living for several decades. That her life resembled the life of her mother, who she wanted to run away from. Hanok was concerned that Ae-ran couldn't afford a blanket when Ae-ran started her own house, but now she is happy to be able to present it with a warm blanket.
The second destination of hanok is Icheon, Gyeonggi-do. There, twin daughters Kyung-hee and Myung-hee are waiting for a hanok. The hanok asks them what to do, so that they can show the frugality of a mother to their children, asking for an exhausted bankbook, having a feast or a stay together, or a hanok that wants to give a luxurious gift, they only want things that are not good. .
Not to mention, Kyung-hee and Myung-hee love their mother Hanok terribly. Hanok kept the twins as she endured the accusation of her aunt telling her to adopt one of them, saying that she gave birth to twins when she was married. Kyung-hee and Myung-hee also complain about whether they know him or what their mother has done for us, but they always buy shoes and clothes, and Kyung-hee and Myung-hee are the best so far.
Mi-ja, the first daughter-in-law, visits Hanok when she returns home. Even after the death of her husband, Mi-ja takes care of her mother-in-law. Mi-ja suggests living together in a hanok, whose energy is gradually declining, but the hanok refuses, saying that she does not want to be a nuisance because she is old. Mi-ja came in as the daughter-in-law of the family once, so she just did everything she had to do until the end.
After returning from all the journey, Hanok has a party with all the family and goes to the riverside to play. Everyone is having a good time, but only the hanok reminds me of my mother when I see the river. Hanok, who lived separately from her mother when she was young, left the house on the news that her mother had passed away, but because of the rainy season, the river blew and she could not go to the funeral. Hanok, born in 1938, still becomes a child just thinking about her mother.

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