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After the annexation of Crimea to Russia in 2014, the country was split into two camps by means of television propaganda: TV watchers and Internet users, quilted jackets and "liberalists", conservatives and progressives. Similar splits of society between traditionalists and modernizers often occurred in different countries, and we know many such examples in history, unfortunately, up to civil wars, when the split occurs simultaneously in many families, and literally brother goes against brother, son against father... We have been observing similar phenomena in Russian society since 2014, when the polarization of society on the issue of Crimea became extremely acute. Those who are used to watching official television believe every word of television speakers, and do not accept any criticism. Those who are used to thinking more critically and rationally, from the progressive camp, are not inferior to their opponents in principle and stubbornness. Position against position, principle against principle, retreat is impossible. In the movie our heroes are forced to go to the end, in the heat of the fight, without thinking about the possible consequences. They become like the participants of the Duel talk show, and the open final leaves the viewer a field for reflection, who is right and who is guilty, and on whose side the truth is - the viewer must decide.

Timur Dubro


Timur Dubro

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Film Reel
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Alternative Territory of Cinema St.Petersburg, Russian Federation December 28, 2020 Best Directors Work 11th PUNE SHORT FILM FESTIVAL 2021 Maharashtra, India Official Selection Western Gate International Film Festival Pskov, Russian Federation July 22, 2021 Official Selection KinoLes Film Festival St.Petersburg, Russian Federation August 28, 2021 Official Selection Standalone Film Festival & Awards Los-Angeles, USA, August 10, 2021 Nominee for best cinematography Serbest International Film Festival Kishinev, Moldova, Republic of Semi-finalist Goa Short Film Festival Goa, India Official Selection Best Shorts Competition La Jolla, United States Award of Excellence: Film Short (Student) Award of Excellence: Dramatic Impact (Student). Art Film Fest Kosice, Slovakia Official Selection FotoFilm Short Film Festival Istanbul, Turkey August 25-28, 2022 Official selection

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