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Russia. Buryatia. Winter. The older brother, a criminal, draws the younger, Kasha, into a dangerous adventure. He has to retrieve an incredibly expensive stone, jade, from the river bed. Kasha, who has just quit drugs, gets a chance to make good money and prove to his older brother that he has become a full-fledged human being. Not at all in time the hero falls in love with the junkie Asya, who steals the money intended for the expedition for the stone. However, he can no longer leave the girl and takes her with him in the hope of freeing her from her addiction. Uncle Kolya, a former military diver and now gravedigger, is called in to help with the dive. The loose ice, the strong current, the inexperience of the expedition members, all this delays the search. Uncle Kolya is no longer able to dive, and Kasha dives under the ice. He has the cherished stone, which means he has 100 thousand dollars in his pocket. But the bandits hunt the heroes down. A shootout ensues, in which Asya saves Kasha, but Uncle Kolya is mortally wounded. Kasha and Asya's dreams of a happy life are about to come true. The stone is sold to a Chinese jade merchant, but Kasha does not get her share. The older brother deceives the younger one. This is how his concern is shown. To prevent the junkie from spending it all at once, he will receive only $400 a month. At this time, Asya finds a stash of drugs, and Kasha realizes that she has no intention of quitting. On top of that, a close friend turns Kasha in to bandits claiming the stone. The hero faces death. The brother's distrust, Asya's breakdown, and the friend's betrayal lead Kasha to despair. He uses a large dose of heroin - essentially committing suicide. The bandits who found him leave with nothing. Asya, at the cost of heroic efforts, pumps him out and brings him back to life.

Alexander Amirov


Alexander Amirov

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