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Chef Santi Cordón takes a journey on his vegycle (a bicycle/garden/cooker) from his home town of Tudela to Malaga?s Film Festival in which a documentary is competing. The documentary is about the last vegetable gardeners in which Santi is the main character. In this 900 kilometres eco trip, he has as a companion the Malaga-born permaculturist Alberto Marín. This humorous road-movie is born in the back of their journey in which its noble protagonists plant a vegetable garden on their bicycle, making it their trustee steed. This chivalrous adventure is a humble foray into a forgotten Spain to listen to the romantic quest of its last Quixotes, to exchange seeds with them and to highlight a culinary treasure on the verge of extinction. A leisurely journey in which solitude catches the eye and the beauty of depopulation unfolds in all its rawness. A journey through a world that is being extinguished by the absence of hope and where silence is not heard, it is felt. ?Quixotes and seeds? is a documentary loaded with consciousness and poetry, with resistance and romanticism, in which the vegicle travels through mesmerasing landscapes sowing seeds of life.

Patxi Uriz Domezáin


Patxi Uriz Domezáin

quixotes and seeds
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Film Reel
Film Reel
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Festival de cine de Málaga Seminci Valladolid Suncine Barcelona Terras Golluy Cataluña, Festival de Málaga: Premio del jurado y Premio del Público al Mejor documental sección Cinema Cocina

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