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Documentary, Feature

Bosnia and Herzegovina


Runtime, min


This film is an honest and revealing story about a musician Adnan Saran and his indie rock band
Skroz (Totally). Throughout the film, Adnan, and the band talk about their beginnings, remembering
how they tried to make music during the Bosnian war in besieged Sarajevo. The story continues with
recollections from their after-war gigs and many anecdotes from their European tours. We see how
Adnan tries to continue his life after the war, but trauma, PTSD and drug addiction cloud his
attempts. Through discussions with his close friends, different layers unfold. We discover what
inspires him to make music and the relationships that shaped him most, his ex-wife, his son, and his
older brother, famous Bosnian rock star Dino Saran. In the end, he and his brother Dino made their
first song together,"Pictures of war". It is an anti-war song they started making during the Bosnian
war but finished 29 years later, during the war in Ukraine. The painful process of completing this
song is shown in all its depth. Sarajevan sense of humour and heart wrenching moments come one
after the other as this film shows the consequences of war on a poet and musician's sensitive soul
and asks whether talent is a blessing or a curse.

Nenad Djuric


Nenad Djuric

Film Reel
Film Reel
Film Reel
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Selections and Awards:

Sarajevo Film Festival
August 14, 2022
National Premiere
BH Film
Bosnia and Herzegovina

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