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What is Strategic Distribution with LSN?

Independent films often struggle to find their place in a crowded market. At Live Screenings Network (LSN), our Strategic Distribution service is dedicated to bridging that gap. We specialize in promoting your film to influential content buyers, established production companies, and leading streaming platforms, ensuring it gains the visibility and revenue it deserves. 
We provide a tailored approach, analyzing your film's unique strengths and the market's demands to create a targeted distribution strategy. By partnering with LSN, you're not just distributing a film; you're creating opportunities for revenue growth and industry recognition.

How Does It Work?



Strategic Planning

We begin with a tailored distribution strategy, identifying the best platforms, festivals, and markets for your project

Targeted Submissions

We submit your work to carefully selected festivals, online platforms like Filmhub, and potential buyers, ensuring it reaches the right eyes.


Promotion and Marketing

Benefit from our robust marketing campaigns on social media, Google, and Facebook, designed to generate buzz and attract attention.


Ongoing Support

Our team provides continuous support, tracking the performance of your film or script and adapting strategies as needed


Global Reach

Expand your audience with our extensive network of festivals, online platforms, and content buyers


Tailored Approach

Each project receives a customized plan to maximize its potential, taking into account its unique strengths and target audience.

Expertise and Experience

Leverage our industry knowledge and connections to navigate the complex world of film distribution effectively


Enhanced Visibility

Our marketing efforts ensure your work stands out, attracting viewers and industry attention alike

New Streaming Service

Ready to Expand Your Film’s Horizon?

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