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Maximize Your Film's Impact with Targeted Advertising

Effective Targeted Ad Campaigns for Your Film

At Live Screenings Network, we understand the importance of visibility in the competitive film industry. Our Targeted Ad Campaigns service is designed to boost your film's exposure through strategic, data-driven advertising across major platforms like Google and Facebook. With our expertise, your film will reach the right audience, generating buzz and driving viewership

Our Proven Advertising Process


Target Audience Analysis

We begin with a thorough analysis of your target audience, understanding their demographics, interests, and viewing habits.

Customized Ad Campaigns

Our team creates customized ad campaigns tailored to your film’s unique strengths, ensuring maximum engagement and conversion


Multi-Platform Strategy

We deploy your ads across multiple platforms, including Google and Facebook, to capture a broad and diverse audience


Performance Tracking

We continuously monitor and optimize your campaigns, providing detailed reports and insights to ensure optimal performance.

Why Choose LSN’s Targeted Ad Campaigns?

Wider Reach

Expand your film's reach beyond traditional channels, tapping into vast online audiences globally.


Precision Targeting

Our data-driven approach ensures your ads reach the most relevant and engaged viewers, maximizing impact

Creative Excellence

Benefit from our creative team’s expertise in crafting compelling ad content that resonates with audiences

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Measurable Results

Gain clear insights into your campaign’s performance with detailed analytics, allowing for continuous improvement and higher ROI

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Ready to Amplify Your Film’s Reach?

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Discover how LSN's Targeted Ad Campaigns can elevate your film’s visibility and engagement. Let’s create a buzz and reach audiences worldwide together.

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