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Alberto Pons

Nov 10, 1977

Alberto Enrique Pons Creative, filmmaker, stage director and screenwriter, inveterate cinephile, he main-tains that his best school is to watch movies, lots of movies and learn from the great-est. Filmography: Final (2009), Bendita Promesa (2011), The Secrets Of Himalayas (2011), Am�n (2012), Turno Doble (2012), Viaje de Vuelta (2014), Los Chimplonitos (2016), Cin-co Reyes (2019), Osito (2022)., Sergio González Suko Script coordinator, screenwriter and collaborator of the TV show El Hormiguero, where he has led sections such as Los Swingverguenzas or The Technological Spy. . Filmography: Una típica de amor (2010), Buenos Tiempos (2011), Mata (2012), Síndro-mes Vol1. Stockholm (2013), Them (2015), Osito (2022)

Alberto Pons
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