Full distribution service for independent filmmakers


Now you can do it this way!

We’re an independent film distribution team. 

We have been promoting, selling, and distributing independent films internationally for over 10 years. 

We created a full distribution service for a film:

1. online, live-online, and live film festivals

2. theatrical distribution service

3. online streaming distribution service

4. Scenario pitching for filmmakers

5. Filming job service for filmmakers

and others. 


You can learn more about some of our services here:



Soon all our services will be gathered under one umbrella on a new website. Follow us. 

Our team consists of international independent festival organizers, award-winning filmmakers, and short and feature film producers, movie theater distributors, online services distributors, and film buyers. 

Live Screenings are the first level to distribute your film. 

Your film will be screened at popular local venues (cinemas, conference halls, parks, etc.) to get closer to its audience. And the audience will watch the film but also evaluate it according to several parameters, such as directing, acting, camerawork, etc. As a result, you get a deep response from the audience regarding your film and its promoting opportunities. 

We are constantly increasing our territory, coverage, and the number of venues widening the audience.   

A professional jury panel that includes award-winning filmmakers, producers, as well as representatives of distributors, buyers, and online streaming services, also reviews selected works and gives their awards. 

The selected and award-winning films can be moved forward, to theatrical or TV distribution or/and to online streaming services.

Contact us if you'd like to receive the full distribution service for your film. 


Full distribution service for a filmmaker

We provide an independent film circle to viewers on different channels. 

We screen your film at film festivals, including our own festival family and third-party festivals which are essential to improve the awareness and engagement of the film and its creators. 

We represent the film to buyers, distributors, and online services and provide screenings for a wide global audience. 


Contact us to learn more about your film Full Service opportunities.

Venues Network

We try to reach a wide audience for each selected film so we search and collaborate with different kinds of local venues where we screen the films. 

Among them are movie theaters, office centers, cafes, summer open venues etc. The venues must be available and known by local people so they could easily access our event program.

Audience Choice

We use the special audience jury protocols. 

Each film is rated by several parameters such as: acting, directing, music etc. 

So the audience choice becomes more professional. 

The winners are determined by the attendees according to the protocols. 

Each event has one event WINNER and the Award Winners of each section.


By getting closer to local audiences and giving them the opportunity to support the filmmakers by voting for them on a professional level, we create a loyal community of fans. 

People who have seen films and voted for them become fans and want to watch more and more of them, they want to know more about the creators and watch their new films. 

Watching a Movie