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We connect
content buyers and rightsholders


If you are a content buyer:

If your company is interested in the acquisition or distribution of media content for your services, you can place a request for the format, genre, theme, etc. you are interested in. 

We will notify you when appropriate content is available. 

You can also find the available content here.


If you are a rightsholder (filmmaker or producer):

You can upload your content to our platform making it available for buyers. 

If your film has been submitted to our festivals and you're ready to open it up for buyers, let us know here.

Buyers' requests

Comedy, 51min+
VoD Service
Documentary for kids (35 min+)
TV channel
Romantic Comedy, 80min+
Theatrical exhibition
Indian Feature Fiction films
Theatrical exhibition
Sports Documentary, 35 min+
TV Channel
Theatrical exhibition, Streaming
Anime, Manga
Theatrical exhibition, Streaming
Educational Documentary (35 min+)
TV Channel

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