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Alfonso Par

Feb 7, 1959

1983: The DAWN of MAN (FILMTEL) Treatment of the 13 chapters and the first of a documentary project on human evolution starring the Eudald Carbonell. Screenwriter 1984. - THE VOLCANOES' GORILLAS. (FILMTEL) Documentary filmed in 16 mm. on the mountain gorilla Gorilla gorilla beringuei in Karisoke, in the Virunga Mountains of Rwanda. Producer, screenwriter, director and camera 1985. - LAKE CHIMPANZEES (FIMTEL) 16 mm documentary on Pan troglodytes swenfurti chimpanzees in the Mahale Mountains in Lake Tanganica in Tanzania. Producer, screenwriter, director and camera 1985.- 1st. filming of the ATAPUERCA (FILMTEL) campaign with the collaboration of Emiliano Aguirre and Eudald Carbonell as protagonists. Writer and Director 1990- PRISMA (TVE) Documentary series directed by J. A. Gamero of 30' episodes shot around the world and awarded with the Prix Futura at the 91st Berlin Festival. Screenwriter's advisor on African episodes 2002.- ATA 25 de La Fura dels Baus (Fund. Atapuerca) The only show of the theatrical group on foot of sites to commemorate the 25 years of Atapuerca. Original idea, co-writer and executive producer 2005 .- DESCUBRE LOS SECRETOS DE ATAPUERCA (Turkana Films ? Fund. Atapuerca) Interactive documentary for exhibitions on the sites of Atapuerca. Producer, screenwriter and director 2005.- ATAPUERCA, LA MONTAÑA MÁGICA (Turkana Films ? Fund. Atapuerca) Documentary of 15' for exhibitions. Producer, screenwriter and director 2006.- MY IMAGE STILL COMPLETE (Turkana Films - TVC - CANAL ODISSEA - ICEC) 60' documentary about two Sierra Leone amputated football teams. Official selection FICMA 2007, Barcelona International Environment Festival, African World Documentary Film Festival 2007 in Louissiana (USA) and Lagos (Nigeria), 2008 International Film Festival in Sarajevo (Bosnia) and International Documentary Festival in Tel Aviv/Jerusalem2008(Israel). Special Jury Award at the 2007 DOCS DF in Mexico City. Writer co-director and executive producer 2008.- BECOMING HUMAN (PBS) World-run human evolution series directed by Graham Townsley. Director of production of Spanish filming 2009. - THE SHADOWS (Turkana Films - Corto Pacific ? TVC ? XAL - AECID) Documentary feature with a TV version directed by Oriol Canals about Sub-Saharan immigrants in Europe. International Catalan and French co-production. CANNES FILM FESTIVAL 2009, selected in ACID. Best Documentary Award at the Ouidah International Film Festival (Benin) 2010 Special Jury Award at CINESUL 2010 in Rio de Janeiro. Producer 2009. - JURASSIC CSI (NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC - NHZ) Dinosaur series directed and presented by famous paleontologist Phil Manning for National Geographic. Director of production of Spanish filming 2011- IN SEARCH OF THE FIRST EUROPEAN (Turkana Films ? TVE ? FECYT ? ICEC) 55' documentary on human evolution in key scientific road movie starring Eudald Carbonell and Luís Quevedo. Premio Prisma 2011 for the best documentary scientific outreach. Special Jury Prize in the DOCSCIENT ROME 2011. Better Scientific Disclosure and Education Programme at the 2012 EUR Summit in Copenhagen. Gold Medal at the World Media Festival in Hamburg 2012 World Medal at the New York Festivals 2013 Award for Best Documentary Science at the 2014 Round Scientific Film Bienal. Writer, director and producer 2014.- IN SEARCH FOR THE LOST FUTURE (Turkana Films ? TVE ? FECYT ? Fund. La Caixa - ICEC) 60' documental about human evolution in key road movie science starring Carlota, Eudald Carbonell and Luís Quevedo. 6 Special Jury Awards at TAC OREGON: Best Documentary, Best Narrative, Best Educational Values, Best Guide, Best Picture and Best Original Idea at The Archaeological Channel Film Festival 2016 in Oregon USA. Writer, director and producer 2016.- LIFE FREE (Turkana Films ? The Peripheral Productions ? TVC ? IB3 ? ICEC -IBC) Long film directed by Marc Recha, and starring Sergi López P deF Tallinn International Festival 2017. Official selection at this Class A festival ALMA Award for Best Screenplay at the 2017 Gijón Festival Best film at FICCAT, Catalan International Film Festival, 20017. Guipuzkoa Film Commission Award at the San Sebastián Festival 2018. 2017 Gaudí nomination for Best Actor. Producer 2017.- PETITET (Lastor Media ? Turkana Films ? TVC ? ICEC ? ICAA). Length documentary film directed by Carles Bosch Oscar-nominated director for Balseros. Best Documentary at FICCAT, Catalan International Film Festival, 2017. Best Documentary and Public Prize at the DOCS Barcelona 2017. 2018 Gaudí Award for Best Documentary. Producer 2019.- TARA AND THE BLUE (Turkana Films ? ZLA Produktion ? ICEC) Short film directed by Pol Ponsornau. Best Short film in ABYCINE 2020 Selected by shortCAT 2021 of Catalan Films Producer 2019.- 15 HOURS (Selene Films ? Turkana Films ? TVC- DGCRD) Long film directed by Judith Colell and starring Marc Clotet and Sterlyn Ramírez, co-produced with the Dominican Republic. SIGNIS Award at the 2021 Málaga Festival Concordia Award at the Gollut Film Festival 2021 ProducerÓ 2019. - DE-EXTINCTION (TVE - ICEC - FECYT) Scientific outreach documentary, starring Patricia Sornosa and Eudald Carbonell, answering the question of whether missing species can be resurrected. Prisma Prize 2020 for Best Documentary Scientific Disclosure Award for Best Documentary at the Indie For Your Film Festival in the United States. Audience Award at the RUSHDOC Documentary Film Festival. Arkeolan Award at the International Film and Archaeology Festival in Bidasoa 2020 Special Jury Award at the Gollut Film Festival 2020. Producer, screenwriter and director 2020.- EL VENTRE DEL MAR (Testamento ? The Peripheral ? Turkana Films - Filmin) Long film directed by Augustine Villaronga, based on Alessandro Baricco's story Oceano Mare. Official selection at the Rotterdam Festival 2021. Prize for Critics at the 2021 Moscow Festival. Awards for Best Film, Best Direction, Best Screenplay, Best Picture, Best Music, and Best Male Starring, at the 2021 Málaga Festival. Delegated Producer 2022. ? ?MAA-YIEM, THE EXTRAORDINARY STORY OF JORDI SABATER? (Turkana Films ? TVC ? LA XARXA ? TVE) Fictioned documentary that discovers the extraordinary trajectory of an unknown scientist and outstanding cartoonist in his country. Released on November 25, 2022 (280.000 viewers / 14'5% of share) Next premiere on IMPs on December 18, 2022. Producer, screenwriter and director

Alfonso Par
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