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Ban Lan

Banlan, formerly known as Jin Gu, is an opera culture communicator with a master's degree in Drama Animation Directing from Peking University.
Born in 1987 in Anqing, Anhui Province, China;
In 2003, he began to study opera performance, and he has studied under the guidance of many senior artists. Won the "Mandarin Cup" national gold medal for Peking Opera singing;
In 2006, he began to study Kunqu Opera and sinology under the tutelage of Mr. Zhang Weidong, the famous Kunqu opera and the propagator of sinology.
In 2008, he directed the drama-themed micro film "Hang Shuai" and won the first prize in the Capital Universities DV Creative Competition. Selected in the Phoenix Youth Film Short Film Exhibition;
In 2010, he received a master's degree from Peking University and won the Chinese Academy Award for directing the animated micro film "Dream of Drama".
In 2012, he founded the Beijing Siwei Ya Music Troupe to perform traditional Peking Opera and Kunqu Opera, and directed the animated micro film Chang 'e, which won the "Best Classic Animation" award in the first Chinese Opera Micro Film Competition and the Outstanding Works Award in the Golden Kite International Micro Film Competition.
In 2013, he directed a series of documentaries: "Play Dream Youth" (produced by China Peking Opera Art Network), "Chinese Peking Opera Art Inheritance and Protection Project -- Old Artists Talk about Opera Art" (produced by China Peking Opera Art Foundation);
In 2015, I participated in performances and exchanges in Europe with the crew of "Four Contract Spring", starred in "Dream in the Garden" and "Sky Girl Dispersing Flowers", compiled graphic teaching materials including "Opera and Temperament", "Opera Animation", and created drama course;
In 2016, he acted as the director and actor of the all-male troupe.
In 2018, I directed stage plays: The Legend of the White Snake (Storytelling + Peking Opera) by an all-male troupe, and the Peony Pavilion (Kunqu Opera) with no makeup by an all-male troupe won the Outstanding Drama Award of the 5th Contemporary Little Theater Opera Festival;
Published in 2019: Play and I Forget (China Theatre Press);
In 2020, he will direct and perform the Kunqu opera film "A Dream in the Garden".

Ban Lan
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