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Daniella Marxer

Feb 13, 1966

"Daniella Marxer was born in Bregenz, Austria and grew up in Liechtenstein. She studied German philology and drama in Vienna and Paris (Sorbonne), where she lived as a documentary filmmaker until moving back to Vienna in 2016. Her feature documentaries ""Im Wunderland"" (1999), ""Die Kinder des Geldes"" (2003) and ""Zuoz"" (2007) were selected at many festivals worldwide and ""Zuoz"" was screened in 134 German cities. ""Mon Amour"" (2017), her first short fiction film, and ""Voices (2018) are part of a trilogy.

Voices, short fiction film, 6 min (2018)
Mon Amour, short fiction film, 21 min (2017)
Rosa, radioplay, 60 min (2013)
Henry, music video clip, 6 min (2012)
PM, documentary, 112 min (2010)
Zuoz, documentary, 72 min (2007)
Die Kinder des Geldes, documentary, 58 min (2003)
Im Wunderland, documentary, 56 min (1999)"

Daniella Marxer
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