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Emilio Martinez Borso Legeren

Dec 28, 1979

Emilio started his career in 2000 working as an assistant director for international films and commercials. His Credits in the film industry includes films such as ?The Perfume? (2005), ?Green Zone? (2009), The Dictator (2011), ?Exodus? (2014), or ?Tomorrowland? (2014) among many others, working with directors like Paco Plaza, Jaume Balagueró, Daniel Monzón, Tom Tykwer, Paul Greengrass, Brad Bird and Ridley Scott among them. In 2012, Emilio writes and directs his first Short Film ?A.G.N.? a comedy that is selected in more than 30 international festivals, is broadcasted on the Spanish national television, and wins the Best original Screenplay award at the XXIV Girona Film Festival. In 2013, is documentary short film ?Sin Collar? won the ?Best short film? Prize at the Houston film festival and was selected and shown over 20 different international festivals. Also was part of a selected group of short films that were shown at a cinema in Madrid on december 2013. As a writer, Emilio has been involved in many different writings. He colaborated writing articles for magazines such as Underground or Barcelona Cinema during the beginning of the millennium, and was a member of the Miradas de Cine magazine for several years ( until 2008 where he focused on films and commercials. His film screenplay ?Patapalo? was one of the six finalist projects chosen in the MUCES de Segovia screenplays festival in 2013.. In2016, his latest short film ?Detour? was premiered at the Sitges international film festival, and has been the festival selected in more than 20 international film festivals including countries such as United stats, England, Italy, Iraq, Senegal and India among others, where it got an excellence award. In 2021, he finishes his latest work The short film Azul and is currently working on his first feature film under the umbrella of Barcelona´s based production company Ikiru Films.

Emilio Martinez Borso Legeren
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