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Yoendris Solis Garcia

Jun 30, 1980

Documentaries: “Tracing a dream”, (Script, Direction and Editing) (Cuba) “Miracle in the pupils”, (Script, Co-direction, Editing) (Cuba) “A Letter for my planet”, (Script, Direction and Editing) (Cuba) “Green Map: The Rebirth of Hope”, (Script, Direction and Editing) (Cuba) “Mallohue: a different education”, (Script, Co-direction, Editing) (Chile) “Recuerdos de Cuarentena”, (Production, Editing, Post-Production) (Chile) Fiction: “The Venus of Cáceres”, Short Film, (Editing) (Chile) “Tropical Gitana”, short film, (Direction, script and editing) (Chile) “Only what is born from the soul goes to the soul”, Short Film, (Script, Direction and Editing) (Chile) “Rayen” Fiction Short Film, (Script, Direction and Editing) (Chile) Video Clips: “People who love me” (Co-director, montage) Artist: Eddy-K, (Cuba) “Natural People” (Director, Editing) Artist: David Blanco and Tropisur Fashion Group, (Cuba) “Maldito Amor” (Montage) Artist: Bernardo Antonio, (Cuba) “Hot Summer” (Co-direction, Editing) Artist: Junior Flow, (Cuba) FINISHED SCRIPTS: Beyond a life Fiction microfilm. Saving a life Fiction short film. SCRIPTS IN PROCESS: “Two flags, one feeling” Documentary short film. “Myths and legends in Rengo” series of documentary short films.

Yoendris Solis Garcia
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