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Join Us in Tbilisi and Online to Showcase Your Masterpiece

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Awards and Recognition

Our festival is proud to offer a range of awards judged by an esteemed panel of award-winning filmmakers, producers, distributors, and content buyers.


In addition to the Jury Awards, we celebrate audience engagement through our Fan Award, given to the film that garners the most social media reactions.


The audience at our Tbilisi venue and the Festival Channel also play a crucial role in selecting the Festival Winner, who receives a hand-made, personalized trophy

Jury Awards

Audience Awards

All Winners

Receive digital diplomas and certificates

Gain recognition and exposure across our social media platforms​​​


Join us in Tbilisi, a city known for its rich culture and cinematic history, where our physical festival takes place in premier venues.


Can't make it in person? No problem! Our Festival Channel ensures that your film reaches a global audience.


Engage with viewers, receive instant feedback, and be part of a worldwide celebration of cinema.

Social Media Engagement

Our festival leverages the power of social media to boost your film’s visibility.


Engage with fans, receive real-time feedback, and compete for the coveted Fan Award.


Our dedicated social media campaigns ensure that your film reaches a wide and diverse audience, maximizing your exposure.

Our Participants Say

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