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Fiction, Christian, Comedy, LGBT, Religion



Runtime, min


Cristiano is a young devotee who wants to be trained in the seminary to become a Catholic priest, but unexpectedly the interviewer responsible for vocations is the ancient priest of his hometown, Avelino, an unconventional priest who defines himself as cool dude. Right before Avelino approves his registration to the seminary, Cristiano confesses his most intimate secret, which will determine if he can be a priest.
Adán Pichardo


Adán Pichardo

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Love it

Ethan Brown

"Christian" is a heartwarming and humorous film that takes a closer look at faith, sexuality, and personal struggles. I was moved by the story of Cristiano, a young man who wants to become a Catholic priest but faces an unexpected obstacle. The film tackles sensitive topics with compassion and a good dose of laughter, thanks to the delightful performance of Avelino, the unconventional priest who will challenge Cristiano's beliefs and prejudices. The film will leave you with a smile and a renewed appreciation for the complexities of human nature.

Emily Johnson

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