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Marino Dares

Marino Darés is a screenwriter, independent film director and editor from Valencia, Spain. At the age of 21, Marino premiered his debut feature film, a western titled Nubes Rojas (Red Clouds). The movie won the Audience Award in the AWFF in the 2016 edition. The movie also got more than six million views on YouTube and Amazon Prime.

At the age of nine he used his father's video camera to film his own stop-motion animation short films with Star Wars action figures.

His first medium-length real action movie Subterráneos, premiered when he was 13. He worked along with his friends, relatives, teachers and neighbors to complete all the roles and crew positions in the film.

After attending his photography studies, he focused on the production of his first feature-length film, Nubes Rojas (Red Clouds).

He directed and produced Halcón Ciego (Blind Hawk), his second independent feature film, in 2017.

His most recent production is Last Trial, a Star Wars fanfilm filmed in El Teide, a volcano in the Canary Islands.

Marino Dares
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