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Promote films to film festivals around the world with us.
Get the most selections, awards, trophies, cash prizes as well as useful networking, and sales opportunities for your film.
Distribute fiction, documentaries, animation, VR, music videos, and experimentals.
Both shorts and full-length.

We provide customized festival strategy and a list of festivals for a couple of months ahead and submit films to them.
If you need help with coordinating submission and participation — not a problem.
Pay only for those steps you want to.

In case your film becomes participant of festival contest,
we take care of Emails, coordination, maintenance film copy to a festival

We know the festival world inside out because we have been organizing film festivals ourselves for over 10 years. 
We will develop a strategy to promote your film to the relevant festivals for maximum effect. 


Feature film for 100 festivals

Submitting a feature film to 100 festivals


Feature film for 50 festivals

Submitting a feature film to 50 festivals


Feature film for 20 festivals

Submitting a feature film to 20 festivals


Shot film for 100 festivals

Submitting a shot film to 100 festivals


Shot film for 50 festivals

Submitting a shot film to 50 festivals


Shot film for 20 festivals

Submitting a shot film to 20 festivals


Film Strategy

After watching your film we give recommendations for the film by festival niches, categories, level of competitions, etc.



After watching the film we answer your questions regarding your film festival promotion and give some recommendations. (via Zoom).




  • We select relevant film festivals,

  • Filling in the festival entry forms (in any languages),

  • Payment usual submission fees (excepting extra fees for special film festivals). Festival submission fees are included. Some of the extra submission fees are not included and could be paid after your approval. 

  • Follow the festival deadlines,

  • Provide festivals with any needed information and materials (in collaboration with you) online

  • Track the festival results and inform you about them. 

  • We communicate with the festival crews, selection committees, and organizers. 

  • We provide coordination in case of your attending (traveling) the festival or/and receiving any rewards from the festival.

  • Assistance and maintaining in other issues regarding the festival distribution.  


  • Subtitles, dialogue sheets, DCP copies. 

  • Extra submission fees for special festivals

  • Mailing physical materials to festivals via post or services such as DHL. 

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