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You receive: 

LOGO and/or promo image and/or QR code will be included in:
1. any printed promo materials (invitations, programs, flyers etc),
2. ticket banners and ticket promotions,
3. audience voting protocols, so each attendee will see the logo directly,
4. on the wall near the screening venues,
5. in the official award certificate to each winner and selected filmmaker.

PROMO VIDEO about the sponsor (up to 3 minutes) will be demonstrated during the film screenings once a screening day.

EXCLUSIVE SPONSOR's AWARD AND TROPHY will be awarded to the filmmaker determined by the sponsor.

A BANNER published on the Festival Channel page where the films are screened online, and the viewers from all over the World are watching films and voting for the best ones.

MENTIONING on Festival's social media (Facebook, Instagram). The information about the sponsor (name, site, social media) will be included in the festival description till the festival event is concluded.

VIP event passes.


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