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Emilie Chedid

Feb 1, 1970

Grandes Oreilles is one of the 3 songs from the record book “Grandes Oreilles - Tout Oreilles” published on November 4, 2021 (Ed. Robert Laffont / Wagram Livres). Aimed at young audiences, this musical and poetic tale about difference and self-acceptance is carried by the Chedid family. It was written by the poet and writer Andrée Chedid in the 1970s. It is today illustrated by Emilie Chedid, the author's granddaughter, narrated by Louis Chedid and set to music by Matthieu Chedid, better known as letter -M-. The production of the animated clip Grande Oreilles was entrusted to our studio, based on illustrations by Emilie Chedid who knows our work well.

Emilie Chedid
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