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James Morrow

Apr 2, 1976

A native of Chicago, IL. James Morrow (HE, HIM, HIS) is an internationally recognized award winning queer choreographer/ dancer. He is the founder and artistic director of james morrow/ THE MOVEMENT. Morrow is known for developing the "Urban Fusion" movement style currently embraced by Chicago Dance Crash while he was the founder and artistic director of the Chicago-based dance company, Instruments of Movement from 2001-2008. Morrow’s movement foundation originated in street dance, specifically BBoy, House, and Rave techniques. It wasn’t until college that Morrow was introduced to Concert Dance. His movement has become multimodal, fusing modern, contemporary, and street dance elements while using Critical Race Theory, Feminist Theory, and Queer Theory as lenses to interrogate process and creation .

James Morrow
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