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Jorge Morais Valle

Oct 3, 1982

Jorge Morais Valle is an independent filmmaker and artist from Vigo (Spain). From a very young age he has been linked to some of the main artistic disciplines such as drawing, painting and sculpture, the latter being the one he has developed and highlighted most naturally at a very early age. He started very young in the world of graffiti and mural painting, where he soon found a very personal form of expression that attracted the attention of commercial brands such as Pizza Móvil, Estrella Galicia or Gadis to make artistic and advertising interventions. He quickly found the opportunity to extend his interests beyond the walls to the world of decoration and stage design in theatres, having the opportunity to lead work teams both in Spain and Portugal, even when he had not yet finished his secondary school studies. He combined his career in Fine Arts exploring different professional areas with the world of scenography, painting and illustration both in Galicia and Portugal, which would lead him to participate in different projects, painting exhibitions and advertising campaigns, leading a young group of artists, New Order Productions, which gave him great artistic knowledge about plasticity and leadership, qualities that gave him the confidence to enter the world of animation after graduating from the Faculty of Fine Arts. In 2010 he released his first animated short film, The painter of skies, as the final project of his Master's degree in animation, achieving great national and international recognition, being a project that was selected in more than 300 festivals and receiving 125 awards worldwide. After this experience he began a cycle of trips to different studios and production companies in Portugal, England, Italy and finally Germany, jumping from project to project and where he had the opportunity to deepen his knowledge in different areas of production, especially in production design, modelling and kinematics. During this period of travels he tried unsuccessfully to set up several animation projects in parallel, which would lead him to move away from independent animation for a few years. However, at the end of 2015, his desire to believe in animation as the ultimate artistic expression led him to write the first draft of the script for In Half. In 2022, after more than ten years of travelling around the world, he decided to return to his hometown, Vigo, to focus on the completion of the animated short film In Half.

Jorge Morais Valle
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