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Mickael Delalande

Jun 11, 1981

Mickaél Delalande is a director and sound editor from Saint Nazaire. He studied Cinema in Performing Arts and specialized in sound illustration. It is first through sound that he experiences film writing. He composes soundtracks for amateur short films and signs the sound design. Then, he worked for the Archipel post-production studio in Paris as a technical referent. There he rubbed shoulders with some great sound engineers and met directors from whom he is inspired today, such as Quentin Dupieux and his universe. In addition to his profession as a sound engineer, he discovered directing by working as an assistant director on several occasions on short films. He writes and directs Mesdemoiselles les palourdes produced by the Strasbourg animation studio Amopix, for which he is also the sound editor. This is his first short film and his first animated film. He is currently working on a second Gran Canyon animated film and preparing a live- action short.

Mickael Delalande
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