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Hybrid distribution strategy for your independent film

We deliver independent films

to a wide audience

How to deliver your independent film to the audience? 

There are a lot of challenges filmmakers need to overcome on their way to success with the film.

We can help you to solve some of them and make your independent film profitable. 


We create a hybrid distribution strategy for your film to deliver your film to the most of viewers and make independent films profitable for the creators. 


We are confident that each film is able to engage the audience.

One of our goals is to create an engaged audience for your film. 


The Hybrid strategy consists of 3 simple steps:

1. Categorizing films to the special niches

2. Promoting films among the niches' audiences

3. Selling films to niches buyers (cinemas, TV, channels, streaming, VoD etc)

We set the Live Screenings International Film Festival with the genre sections so you could choose the most relevant audience to your film.

Besides, we set genre-focused live screenings film festivals to highlight films of the special genres.

Live Screenings Film Festivals family offers you the features you can get at the event:


  1. Full attention to your film. Focused audience. We classify all the films into genre sections so the viewers could focus their attention and limited time on the films they engaged most. 

  2. Test your movie. Audience evaluation. This is such a huge advantage to filmmakers. Viewers evaluate all the screened films in 6 main categories: story (script), directing, acting, camerawork, impressiveness, and music. So you test your film against an audience of viewers. 

  3. Awards and Certificates. Audience choice and the Professional Jury panel awards. Filmmakers receive official certificates and laurels, and the winners receive award signs and trophies (the festival winner).

  4. Interaction with the audience. You can introduce your film both: personally and online. If you can attend the event we give you the time to communicate with the audience to introduce your film and to have a Q&A session. Besides, you can interact with the audience via online access or just send the introduction video. So you get the opportunity to popularize yourself, your film, your crew, and your cast. 

  5. Market and Promote your film. Our film festival collaborates with theatrical distributors, TV and cable channels, and online buyers. Your film receives the opportunity to be presented to them at the festival. 

  6. Screenings in local venues that are nearest to the audience. Out-of-format Cinema network. We screen films at local venues such as cinemas, screening halls, conference halls, parks, etc to be as close as possible to the audience. We create the cinema network for out-of-format independent films to distribute them regularly with payments to the creators. 

  7. Social media promotion tools. We provide the opportunity to promote your film on social media. First, we promote your film as a part of the event program on the festival and project social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). Second, our festival rewards the Fan award that’s determined by voting on social media. So you get the great opportunity to accumulate your fans and promote your film information. 

Your film will be evaluated by the audience and by the professional jury, so we could offer the individual selling strategy for your film.